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honey_beach's Journal

I'm so tired of playing
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TV SHOW : The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Skins, Lost, Misfits.

MOVIES : Inglourious Basterds, Into The Wild, Speak, The Butterfly Effect, Brokeback Mountain, Virgin Suicides, Fight Club, Blood Diamond, Requiem For A Dream, Hard Candy, Gone Baby Gone, Closer, (500) Days of Summer, Avatar

ACTRESSES/ACTORS : Kristen Stewart, Evan Rachel Wood, Jennyfer Connelly, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Ellen Page, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley // Emile Hirsh, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Penn, Joseph Gordon-Levitt..
Edward&Bella (Twilight) - Booth&Brennan (Bones) - Michael&Sara (Prison Break) - Veronica&Logan ( Veronica Mars ) - Alex&Izzie (Grey's Anatomy) Mick&Beth (Moonlight) - Derek&Meredith (GA).
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